Posted on: May 4th, 2020 by Kim

National Graduate office for the health sciences


Staff Meeting

Last February 7, 2020, the National Graduate Office for the Health Sciences held its regular staff meeting. The staff presented their progress reports and plans for future projects. The staff also exchanged comments and suggestions on each presentation to further improve each member’s work.

As the final agenda for the day, the 5S methodology for workplace organization was discussed. This aimed to make the office become more efficient and effective by standardizing its processes. The week after the meeting, the staff started practicing the 5S system, and will continue to do so until the office succeeds in reaching its maximum efficiency.

The NGOHS will conduct its staff meetings regularly to serve the graduate students better.

MRR Applications

Discussing the status of current MRR applications and new guidelines in accepting applications


Discussing the added features of the upcoming NGOHS-Database Records and Management System


Discussing ISO guidelines on making a better and more efficient workplace

DOST Applications

Discussing updates regarding DOST scholarship applicants and status of stipend releases

Planning Workshop I

The NGOHS held its staff meeting and planning workshop last March 3-4, 2020 at the Lotus Garden Hotel. This planning workshop was filled with productive insights and outputs.

First on the agenda was the presentation of progress reports by the staff. The ongoing development of the 2nd phase of the NGOHS Database Records and Management System (DRMS) was the main project discussed during the presentations. Additional features were suggested to be included to make the database more functional. The NGOHS is gearing toward modernizing the way records are managed.

Second on the agenda was the changes to be implemented in compliance with ISO standards. The organizational chart, workflow diagram, and process flow were discussed and arranged. The staff were asked to examine all documents, and comment or ask for clarifications on the parts they find questionable. The new standardized format of all NGOHS forms was also presented.

Last on the agenda was the 2020 Graduate School Colloquium. Plans and preparations for the GSC were finalized. Individual tasks were delegated to each staff member. The GSC was carefully planned to ensure the smooth flow and overall success of the annual event.

Central Administration Team Building 2019

Last May 2019, the UPM Central Administration (UPM CAD) held its annual Team Building Workshop at Chateau Royale Hotel Resort and Spa in Nasugbu, Batangas. The NGOHS, being a part of the central admin, attended and participated in the activities. NGOHS staff members showed team spirit in each activity. 

Employees from the different offices of the UPM CAD got to know each other better during the activities that required team effort and cooperation. Because of the camaraderie formed among UPM CAD employees, offices work more efficiently and harmoniously. 

Enjoy Some You-Time

The NGOHS staff, together with Dr. Hallare, attended the 2019 UPM CAD Team Building.

The Perfect Surrounding

The NGOHS team posed gracefully for the camera.

The NGOHS team will always serve the students with love.

University Curricular Committee (UCC) Meeting/Workshop

Last March 2-3, 2020, the University Curricular Committee (UCC) held a meeting at the Lotus Garden Hotel Manila. During the meeting, professors acting as representatives from different colleges presented new and revised graduate programs. The UCC asked relevant questions and suggested revisions before approving or disapproving the presented graduate programs. 

UP Manila is continuously planning and formulating programs relevant to the changing times. New health sciences graduate programs are expected to be ready for applicants in the near future.

Professor Punzalan was sent as the representative of the Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics to present the department’s new proposed MS programs.

The UCC asked questions and suggested revisions to the presentation.

Professor Salvacion from the National Teacher Training Center for the Health Professions discussed the revisions in the current curriculum, and the proposal of a new program.