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History NGOHS

1930 – Different college starts offering & administering graduate programs.

1987 – Creation of Office of Graduate & Continuing Education (OGCE) to coordinate graduate and continuing education programs

JUNE 22, 1995 – Creation and approval of UP Manila graduate school by the Board of Regeants (BOR)

APRIL 15, 1999 – National status of the graduate school approved by the Board of Regeants (BOR)-NGSHS

MAY 20, 2003 – NGSHS was transmogrified into NGOHS

MAY 20, 2003 – Office for continuing education placed under NGOHS

Our Mission

The National Graduate Office for the Health Sciences(NGOHS), in consonance with the goals of UP Manila in coordination with the different degree-granting units, shall strive to:

  1. have strong academic programs that are relevant to the needs of the stakeholders and an excellent graduate faculty that can cultivate a culture of graduate aspirations and global competitiveness

  2. be consultative and participatory in the review development and administration of benchmark articulated and non-articulated graduate programs

  3. be facilitative and collaborative, locally and internationally. to foster the highest quality of trans-disciplinary programs fellowships of faculty development, advance graduate researches, exchange programs. sharing resources, and infrastructure developments

Riding high on the crest of academic excellence, the UP Manila NGOHS shall continue to pursue growth points responsive to the demands for excellence and leadership in the health science professions with the ardent synergistic strengths of humanities, arts, and social sciences. It envisions to create a ripple effect as it expands its globally competitive role in teaching, research, extension, and production of technology that can improve the quality of life.


The overarching goals or tasks that guide the National Graduate Office for the Health Sciences are the following:

  1. provide leadership, direction, guidance and assistance to the different degree-granting units (DGUs)

  2. formulate, disseminate and monitor adherence to general graduate policies and procedures in various aspects of the implementation of the graduate programs

  3. set, monitor, evaluate, and maintain the quality and standards of graduate programs implemented by the DGUs

  4. assist DGUs in the marketing of graduate programs and generation of resources

  5. provide mechanisms for financial and other forms of assistance to graduate students and faculty, and for optimal use of resources committed for graduate programs

  6. provide mechanisms for the establishment of linkages with other local and international academic and research institutions

  7. generate resources/seek additional funding for efficient graduate program operations

  8. conduct research/foster environment for research

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