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Article 1. Admission into a Master’s or PhD program shall require:

1.1 A bachelor’s degree (e.g. BS, DMD, DVM), or relevant master’s degree (e.g. MS, LL.B, MD) with good academic records from a recognized institution of higher learning.

1.2 Passing an interview and/ or written examination that may be required by the College Graduate Program Committee to gauge intellectual capacity and aptitude of applicants for advanced studies.

 1.3 A duly accomplished Application Form to be submitted to the NGOHS together with the following documents:
1.3.1 Original copy of the official Transcript of Academic Records (highestdegree obtained) stating degree obtained, date of graduation and S.O.B. No. [Special order from Bureau of Private Schools].

1.3.2 Certified true copy of College Diploma (highest degree obtained) with the seal of the university and the signature of the Registrar in ink.

1.3.3 Photocopy of birth certificate (original to be presented for verification).

1.3.4 Photocopy of marriage certificate for female married applicants (original to be presented for verification) especially when documents reflect names when still on single status.

1.3.5 Four (4) passport size photos.

1.3.6 Two (2) letters of recommendation (UPM-NGOHS Form A3) from former professors, supervisors or colleagues preferably mailed directly to the NGOHS by the referees.

1.3.7 Official receipt of the application/processing fee paid at the UP Manila Cash Division

1.3.8 Health and dental clearance; no one shall be admitted to this University found by the University Health Service to be with communicable or infectious disease, or who is physically unfit to take courses in any degree-granting unit (DGU) of the University.

1.3.9 Additional requirements for foreign applicants: Certified true copy of the English translation of the diploma, with the seal of the university and the signature of the Registrar in ink. Valid TOEFL certificate with a minimum score of 550 (paper-based); 173 (computer-based); 61 (internet-based) or other Certification of English proficiency equivalent to the TOEFL requirement (e.g. IELTS band 6); a certificate that English is the medium of instruction in the university where the student has graduated from is sufficient to waive this requirement Affidavit of support or certificate of financial capability Photocopy of passport (original to be presented for verification) Alien certificate of residence for resident aliens

1.4 The NGOHS will accept and perform the initial screening of the submitted documents prior to forwarding to the DGUs.

Article 2.

A foreigner with a tourist visa (9-4) will not be allowed to enroll in the University. The Philippine Government issue student visa to foreigners if they can present a certification of acceptance from any Philippine institution of learning and have submitted all other relevant requirements. [From the Office of Student Affairs (OSA): Applicants with tourist visa are not allowed to study. However, they can apply for conversion of their tourist visa to student visa at the Bureau of Immigration once admitted.]

Article 3.

A foreign student’s study permit is needed to register for course work. It is processed by the International Student Program of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) upon submission of requirements. A temporary student permit is issued while the final or validated study permit is issued by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).


Article 1.

All application documents must be in the NGOHS by the last working day of April of each year (for First Semester applications) and last working day of October each year (for Second Semester applications).

Article 2.

For applicants who need their documents to be evaluated earlier (i.e., applying for scholarship, foreign applicants), they should write and file a letter of request for early evaluation to the NGOHS not later than 3 months prior to the deadline of submission of application requirements for the semester/term in which the applicant wishes to enter.

Article 3.

The Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) may request for extension of submission of application requirements for graduate programs under their jurisdiction by writing a letter of request to the NGOHS two (2) weeks before the aforementioned deadlines.

Article 4.

Departments or DGUs may set additional requirements or criteria for admissions for masters and doctoral degree, which may be more stringent but in no case shall it be more lenient than the existing rules of the NGOHS.


4.1 No one shall be denied admission to the University by reason of age, gender, nationality, religious belief, or political affiliations.

Article 6.

The results of screening and evaluation of applicant’s documents should be available and reported to the NGOHS not later than a month before the registration period.

Article 7.

The Department Chair/Graduate Program Committee shall recommend the admission of a prospective masters/doctoral students to the academic unit Dean who shall endorse the same to the NGOHS Director.

Article 8.

The NGOHS Director shall issue an official Letter of Acceptance to successful applicants. The schedule of registration, student orientation, and start of classes are included in the admission letter. Moreover, the following  documents/forms are attached: Flowchart for Registration, Program of Study (UPM-NGOHS Form # 07), and Deferment Form (UPM – NGOHS Form #9).